Sayı 2 (2019)


Never to be forgotten… There are some things in human life. Difficult but necessary… There are some tasks that need to be undertaken as an academician. It is with a heart too full for words, but with a sense of responsibility that I started to write this piece for Sinan. It was an untimely death and tragic situation that I cannot accept without a very big “wish”… However, it is most important for us to keep his memory alive at the moment. In this piece, I will attempt to introduce you to Sinan Sertel, a young bright academician, a valuable member of the Olympos Excavation Team and my son. Sinan Sertel graduated from the Art History Department of Anadolu University, Faculty of Humanities, in 2010. He also got his MA in Art History from the Institute for Social Sciences of Pamukkale University in 2017. Since 2017, he was doing his PhD at the department of Art History of Ankara University, Faculty of Languages, History and Geography. Beginning from his undergraduate years, Sinan laboriously worked in the Olympos Excavations. After he graduated with a BA degree in 2010, he kept his ties with the discipline he gained in Art History and always built upon that. Along with his academic works, Sinan worked as “Field Supervisor” in the Olympos Ancient City Excavation and Restoration works since 2012. His contribution to Olympos is noteworthy in that he was very disciplined and successful at his job. It is highly praiseworthy that he not only made use of traditional methods in the archaeological field, but also was very skilled at using the new technological tools on site. Sinan always shared his professional knowledge with co-workers, and presented his scientific research both in national and international arena to his fellow researchers. His undergraduate thesis was titled “Safranbolu City Texture in Historical Process”, through which he aimed to pay his debts to the city where he was born and grew up. His master thesis titled “Liturgical Stone Works in Olympos Episcopal Church and Baptistery” shed new lights on the Byzantine Art and Architecture. If he could still be among us, he would prepare his PhD thesis on “Late Antique and Byzantine Civil Architecture in Olympos”. In addition to thesis research, Sinan also published especially on the stone works in Olympos. As a young researcher, he was one of the contributors to the book titled “Olympos Research Results: 2000-2014”. Kind-hearted, beautiful people like Sinan do not just come out, it takes a long process of intense labour. As his teacher who witnessed this process, I cannot find words to express the grief I bear at the moment. Sinan was the son and brother of the Olympos Excavation family, and made the excavation house a place we miss even during winter. On May 19, 1919, the 100th anniversary of the beginning of liberation struggle of his beloved country, his untimely death came as a tragedy. We have all despaired at our sudden loss of such a kind and wonderful soul, and his memory will always be cherished by all who knew him. As the Olympos Excavation family, we have a duty to keep Sinan’s memory alive. He will always be fondly remembered and deeply missed. He is gone, but will never be forgotten… | Prof. Dr. Yelda Olcay-Uçkan

L’intégration du paysage religieux dans l’espace de la cité: les sanctuaires de l’Ionie entre le 7ème et le 6ème siècle av. J.C.
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Versinschriften im Codex Pighianus auf f. 74r und v
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A Hellenistic Funerary Stele from Heraion Teikhos (Karaevlialtı)
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Not Salamis but Sardes: PRICE 3158 in the Light of İzmir Archaeology Museum Collection and the Archaeological Finds from Nif (Olympos) Mountain in İzmir
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